Anouk underway

With the gauge swatches for this project behind me, I’ve gotten well underway with the Anouk pattern. I don’t have bamboo straight size 8 needles, so I started on circulars. But the cable was so twisted–and the yarn not nearly heavy enough to untwist it by weight alone–that I ended up switching to plastic straight size 8 needles. I bought a few sets of plastic needles when I started knitting, but then I discovered how much nicer bamboo needles are to work with, and I haven’t used plastic since. Fortunately, though, I kept them around just in case…

This is the front (or back–the two pieces are identical) of the dress. I’m knitting the 18-month size. Sylvia is only 8 months old, but she’s already wearing 12-month clothing, and I’d really like for her to get a lot of use out of this. There’s a nice seed stitch along the bottom and sides, with stockinette in the middle. The decreases on the left are K2TOG (knit two together) stitches; on the right they are SSK (slip slip knit) stitches, which I’ve never done before. I looked at some photos in a book for how to do this, but I think I’ve been doing it wrong. The decreases on the right look a little wonky (see the single slanting pieces of yarn every few rows?), and now that I’ve just watched this video I am pretty sure I’ve been doing SSK wrong.

So now the question is whether to frog (as in “rip it, rip it”) what I’ve done so far and start over, or to leave it alone and just do it right from here on out. I think I may take the latter course, partly because I’d like to finish this project sooner rather than later, and partly because I actually don’t mind some little mistakes in knitting. I think they are a charming aspect of handknits.

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