Fruit, glorious fruit!

We spent the first half of August in Vermont (more on that later), and a few days after our return we picked up our first fruit CSA share!We joined this CSA (splitting a share with another family–we are alternating weeks) for the first time this year, after hearing friends (and longtime members) rave it about. The orchard owner is someone we see not only at our local grower’s market but also at the Unitarian church we both attend. She’s also an incredibly nice person, and one of those people who truly put their money where their mouth is. Case in point: This past winter, the grower’s market tried a “once a month” market during the cold months (which proved to be a hugh success), and at the January market, which took place just days after the massive earthquake hit Haiti, Lisa had a sign on her stand declaring “100% of the proceeds from today are going to Haiti relief efforts.” Not 10% or 25% or “a portion”–she was donating the whole shebang.My family loves the fruit she grows, none of which are standard (bland) supermarket varieties. She grows seven (SEVEN!) varieties of Asian pears–which get gobbled up almost before we get them home.fruit.jpgHere’s the share for the first week: five Sungold nectarines, five Coral Star peaches, five Summer Blaze apples, three Ichiban Asian pears, and three Delight pears. We picked up this bag yesterday afternoon, and we’ve already put a dent in it. A friend is coming over for dinner tonight, so we have plans to grill the stone fruits–she’s bringing vanilla cream to go with them. Yum…

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  1. Frankon 19 Aug 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Wow! That looks great! It’s hard to believe that apples are here. We have apples and peaches in Missouri, but I’m surprised I don’t see more pears… then a Facebook friend said something about the Missouri fig crop (???) so I guess I just need to keep hunting.