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Life update

Watching: A corgi in a swing. Yes, that’s what I said.

Chuckling over: The best of Craigslist. One of my favorites is “Looking for Rabbi Versed in DARK TALMUDIC ARTS to create GOLEM.”

Being impressed by: These recipe redesigns. The use of illustrations as instructions is a recipe is nothing new (for example, Molly Katzen does it in her awesome cookbooks for preschoolers, Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes” and Salad People and More Real Recipes), but the designs here are especially nice.

Hacking:…my ramen.

Wishing: I had an extra $300 lying around. I think this project is awesome, and I really love the design of this chair.

Getting back from: The Netherlands. We were there for nearly two weeks and returned a few days ago. Once the jet lag fully wears off and I get my act together, details and photos will be forthcoming.


Thinking about animals

Mark Bittman has been prodding us to think about where our food comes from—and the animals involved in that supply chain—for some time. In his latest essay in The New York Times, he looks at how animals are treated throughout our society—and how context speaks volumes.

“In short, if I keep a pig as a pet, I can’t kick it. If I keep a pig I intend to sell for food, I can pretty much torture it.”



Photos of everything one man ate during 2010. Everything.

It’s an overview of one person’s diet. Judging by the the appearance of the tag cloud (with things like “chocolate” and “tortilla chips” feature prominently), it doesn’t look particularly extraordinary. But seeing everything laid out, especially in the monthly views—that is pretty amazing.


Life update: Bits and bobs

I’ve been stockpiling a bunch of links I think are interesting but am having trouble finding the time to give each link the proper writeup it deserves. So I’m just going to dump them into one post and let you wade through them as you like. Enjoy!

Get your SQUEE on: the Battlestar Galactica series bible (PDF).If you liked the recent BSG series even one little bit, you will like this document.

Mark Bittman recently announced that his column “The Minimalist” was leading the New York Times cooking section after  thirteen years. He promises bring his recipes and commentaries to other pages of the NYT (including his blog), so he’s not leaving us for good. If you’re one of his fans, take a look at this page, which functions as a quasi-index/TOC of all of his columns.

I have several friends who run marathons regularly. I admire them for their discipline and dedication. At the same time I think they are slightly nuts. I like the idea of a marathon but feel a bit muddle-headed when I start envisioning all the training that goes into preparing for one. Which is why I found this post intriguing: How to Hack a Marathon If You Aren’t a Runner. So what do you think, those of you who run a lot—would it work for you?

“Are Disney Princesses Evil?” The short version of my response to this is “yes.” But it’s not just Disney—it’s the onslaught of branding that children are exposed to from infancy. This branding seeks to limit their choices and to turn them into consumers, and I think both of those aims are Not Good Things.

The content and language here are a bit crude. But wow, this post just cracked me up: “Neil Gaiman made up this myth.”

Any of you who have ever owned cats or spent a lot of time with them can surely relate to this:[youtube][/youtube]Here’s an anti-unicorn-chaser to follow all that feline cuteness: the Zombie Tabernacle Choir.


Last week’s fruit CSA share


  • 5 Sugar Snap apples
  • 5 Hosui Asian pears
  • 3 Razor Russett apples
  • 1 Nova Spy apple
  • 3 Empress plums

This week’s fruit CSA share


  •  4 Magness European Pears
  • 3 Laurol Peaches
  • 3 Adam’s Pearmain Apples
  • 3 Stars Apples
  • 5 Vision Plums
  • 3 Hosui Asian Pears

Looking for culinary inspiration?

Look no further! (FYI: Probably NSFW. Well, it depends on where you work, of course.)


Last week’s fruit CSA share

I took this photo when I picked up last week’s fruit CSA share. Most of that fruit has already been eaten by now, but here’s the rundown anyway:

  • 3 Golden Supreme Apples
  • 3 Monolith Apples
  • 3 Honeycrisp Apples
  • 2 China Pearl Peaches
  • 4 Blake Peaches
  • 4 Hosui Asian Pears

fruit.jpgTwo things to note:

  • Those China Pearl Peaches taste like summer flowers. I am not kidding. They are the Best Peaches I Have Ever Eaten.
  • Those Hosui Asian Pears are so juicy that I may have to follow the CSA owner’s advice and wear a bib when eating them.


It’s a three-layer cake, with a complete pie baked into each layer. I swear I am not making this up.[youtube][/youtube]This version is made with premade frozen pies and boxed cake mix. I wonder if it would work with homemade pie and made-from-scratch cake…


Fruit, glorious fruit!

We spent the first half of August in Vermont (more on that later), and a few days after our return we picked up our first fruit CSA share!We joined this CSA (splitting a share with another family–we are alternating weeks) for the first time this year, after hearing friends (and longtime members) rave it about. The orchard owner is someone we see not only at our local grower’s market but also at the Unitarian church we both attend. She’s also an incredibly nice person, and one of those people who truly put their money where their mouth is. Case in point: This past winter, the grower’s market tried a “once a month” market during the cold months (which proved to be a hugh success), and at the January market, which took place just days after the massive earthquake hit Haiti, Lisa had a sign on her stand declaring “100% of the proceeds from today are going to Haiti relief efforts.” Not 10% or 25% or “a portion”–she was donating the whole shebang.My family loves the fruit she grows, none of which are standard (bland) supermarket varieties. She grows seven (SEVEN!) varieties of Asian pears–which get gobbled up almost before we get them home.fruit.jpgHere’s the share for the first week: five Sungold nectarines, five Coral Star peaches, five Summer Blaze apples, three Ichiban Asian pears, and three Delight pears. We picked up this bag yesterday afternoon, and we’ve already put a dent in it. A friend is coming over for dinner tonight, so we have plans to grill the stone fruits–she’s bringing vanilla cream to go with them. Yum…

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