This awesome Web cam is in Hanover, PA. Two eggs were laid in mid-February, and based on average incubation periods that means they should be hatching any day now!

Even when they’re just hanging on their nest, bald eagles look totally badass.



Hello, spring!

Of course, winter just couldn’t say goodbye today without making a dramatic exit. 


Wind-blown snow on the playhouse floorboards:


“I sense a disturbance in the snow . . .” 




Current projects in clay

This is in porcelain. I’m trying to decide whether to keep the whole thing white, to use one color for the whole thing, or to use different colors for the ginkgo leaf and the background. 

These are waiting to be trimmed. I think I will try more carving on some of them. 


New stuff

I’ve been experimenting with new carving techniques and testing some new glazes lately. I really like how the blue glazes breaks over the carved divots on the second-from-the-left piece. 


Current projects in yarn

Before it’s blocked, lace knitting often resembles the “yarn barf” you get when a center-pull skein doesn’t behave properly. It’s all lumpy and curly in weird ways.



Pavlovian responses

Today I drove a friend to a doctor appointment. While she was meeting with her doctor, I hung out in the waiting area.

You know how the receptionists call out a patient’s name when they need him or her to go up to the front desk? One name I heard in that office today was “Marco.”

I almost shouted out “Polo!” before I realized what I was doing and stopped myself. Whew!

(The Marco in question was a teenager who must surely get this sort of thing from his peers all the time. So I was double glad I didn’t say anything!)


Ultimate Pi Day!

We celebrated with an ultimate chocolate pie!







On my plate right now is a project that I just can’t get motivated to work on. It’s paid work (a book manuscript I need to edit), but the subject matter, the language (academic-speak, in which I have some fluency but find near-incomprehensible when it’s filled with this much jargon and convoluted phrasing), and the urgency of the project all combine to make me want to avoid working on it.

I realize, of course, that this procrastination will come back to bite me in the butt in a week or two, when I have to do the sleep-deprivation thing in order to hit my deadline. But right now, my brain is just not in the right place to work on this stuff, so I’m putting it aside and not thinking about it this evening. I think I’ll watch a movie and knit instead.


Dead or alive

When talking about luminaries in his field, my archaeology professor used to add verbal footnotes to their names as he said them: “That one’s dead” or “He’s still alive.” Sometimes he’d say, “He’s an asshole,” but most of the commentary was about the person’s life status.

As an academic I adopted a version of this practice myself, mentally noting whether a renowned scholar was still alive (and what his or her current academic affiliation was, if I knew it) whenever I encountered that name. Over the years it’s been interesting (for lack of a better word) to see so many famous names slide over into the “dead” column.

Every once in a while, though, I’m pleasantly surprised to discover that someone I’d thought no longer among the living is still very much alive (and often kicking). Today’s surprise: George Steiner.

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