A zig and a zag

Via Craft I found this fun project: Tricia at Bits and Bobbins has posted a “pattern” for a fun and funky zigzag scarf. I say “pattern” because her instructions have a lot of “however you want to do it” flavor to them–which isn’t a bad thing, ’cause this project could have a gazillion variations.

This looks like a great project for using up odds and ends of stash yarn (which is what Tricia is doing). And if you don’t have enough yarn in your stash to get the variety of color and texture that you’d like…well, there’s a good reason (as if one is needed!) to do some yarn shopping.

One Response to “A zig and a zag”

  1. Ginaon 02 Apr 2007 at 1:16 pm

    Very cool! It looks like the “feather and fan” pattern.