A belated thank-you

There’s still no sign of Gnorm from the Knitting Gnome Swap. I’m glad I didn’t miss his arrival while I was gone, but I hope he hasn’t lost his way here.

p8216597.jpgWhen my mail carrier delivered two weeks’ worth of mail to me this afternoon, I was delighted to discover a package from my Dishcloth Swap pal, who sent it all the way from Canada. (I should point out that the arrival of two weeks’ worth of mail in one fell swoop is cause of excitement on its own. I love to get mail, and one thing I like about going on vacation is the deluge of mail when I get home.) Barb sent me a terrific set of treats! On the yarn-related front, there were not one but two dishcloths–a blue one in the ball-band stripe pattern, and a green mitered square with a handy hanging loop at one end. She sent two skeins of skein cotton yarn, which I will probably use to make a dragonfly dishcloth, for which she provided the pattern. Five beaded stitch markers (did you make those yourself, Barb?) will help me keep my place.

p8216598.jpgBarb also sent a bar of cow-milk soap (not tested on animals–hooray!) and a lovely assortment of tea. When I read the label on the bag of yogurt-peach candies, I was astonished to discover that they are 22% yogurt. Who knew candy could be so healthy?

Thanks, Barb, for being a great Dishcloth Swap partner!

2 Responses to “A belated thank-you”

  1. Barbon 21 Aug 2007 at 8:07 pm

    I’m glad you got it, yup I made the markers for you, they are my faves so far they were hard too give up LOL

  2. Bethon 26 Aug 2007 at 10:13 pm

    I can’t wait to meet Gnorm!