Not quite what I hoped for

p6251658sweater.jpgHere are the results of my second attempt to lengthen Sylvia’s sweater.

The first time, I followed the advice of a friend with loads more knitting experience than I have. They suggested I pick up all the stitches around the bottom, then do a K2P2 ribbing while decreasing on every tenth stitch on the first round and no further decreases the rest of the way. I could tell after six or seven rounds that the ribbing was going to be a lot “gappier” than I’d like. (I suspect this is because I’m using size 6 needles for yarn that usually takes a size 3.)

I showed it to my friend, who agreed that the ribbing wasn’t working and suggested I try again, using the same ten-percent decrease on the first round and just going with straight stockinette the whole way. I like how the stockinette looks, but I’m not keen on how the sweater pulls in at the bottom.

So I’m going to rip it again and try picking up all the stitches, doing no decreases, and knitting stockinette. (Fortunately, this is a little sweater, so reknitting this part won’t be a big deal. And the yarn—Baby Cashermino—is just lovely to work.)

Third time’s the charm, right? Stay tuned…

3 Responses to “Not quite what I hoped for”

  1. Pshortenon 03 Jul 2008 at 8:12 am

    OK, we need to look at this again – perhaps picking up all the stitches and switching to a size 3 needle and doing a wide rib? The problem with that thought is that it would have to be sort of long to achieve your goals.

    Also, you are picking up the stitches untwisted…as it looks like your getting a horizontal “seam” right at the join and I can’t think why that would be.

  2. Ginaon 03 Jul 2008 at 1:15 pm

    I think it looks ok, as is. But you are like me, and will not settle for things looking even just ever so slightly odd!

    I can’t believe you are using a 6 needle! The stitches look so much smaller on the new knitting than on the original sweater. I was going to suggest going up a size on the needles, but clearly, that’s not going to help!

  3. Katie Jon 05 Jul 2008 at 10:41 pm

    I think it looks better than you do, but I understand the need to frog when you’re not happy. Wish I had suggestions, but I think P. can help you for sure.