Cleaning out my inbox just now, I came across a reminder to myself to take a look at this article by Edward Mendelson about type in the New York Review of Books. He writes a great deal about Helvetica and the documentary film (about that type) by the same name. I saw that film several months ago and liked it, and I agree with Mendelson’s description of it:

Much of it presents graphic designers talking sensibly or fatuously about Helvetica, either for or against it, while the filmmakers remain too cool or dim to have views of their own.

One Response to “Typography”

  1. Jeanon 22 Sep 2011 at 7:53 pm

    I, too, watched “Helvetica” several months ago. Although I did like it, I found it — as I find discourse on this and similar subjects like architecture, for example — a bit highfalutin’. Great article; thanks for the link!

    And please tell me more about the GREY ink in your recent card, which I received on the same day you wrote this post (the actual day).