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Ladybug Girl!

p5050282ladybuggirl.jpgSylvia turns three today.

One birthday gift she received a few days ago was Ladybug Girl, by Jacky Davis and David Soman. The friends who gave it to her were inspired by a ladybug shirt Sylvia likes to wear. It’s a wonderful book, and Sylvia adores it—so much so that between us Jan and I have read it to her (by request) at least a dozen times so far. Seriously.

Yesterday morning when she woke up she decided she wanted to be Ladybug Girl for the day. She chose all of her own clothes: ladybug shirt, polka-dot legwarmers, orange shorts, ladybug ponytail holders. I substituted a playsilk for the “ladybug wings” (and she’s pretty happy with that).

Here she is, shouting “Ladybug Girl!”

Happy birthday, Sylvia!


Update on the cupcakes

p4300124cupcake.jpgThanks so much for the happy birthday wishes, everyone! (And yeah, Jan is really great!) Here’s a photo of one of those cupcakes. To answer the question Chris posed on a comment on the previous post, Jan did not manage to hide the tell-tale smells. I just didn’t figure out what they were.

After I got Sylvia up and dressed on Tuesday morning, we were ready to head downstairs when I thought I smelled some sort of baked goods. I called Jan and asked him if he’d had cinnamon-raisin toast for breakfast that morning. He, of course, denied this and added that I must be imagining things and how weird it was that I would call him to inquire about his breakfast.

There were other signs, too. In the kitchen a little later, Sylvia pointed out a brown smudge on the floor near the dishwasher. “That’s from the cream puffs,” she announced. (She and Jan had made chocolate-covered cream puffs a couple of weeks earlier.) I thought, “I can’t believe that chocolate spot has been there for two weeks, and I haven’t noticed it until now.” Yup, I had no clue whatsoever.


An early celebration

Last night, my local knitting group met at 7 p.m. for our weekly get together. At about 7:45, I felt someone poke me on the side and looked down to see Sylvia standing there. I did a double-take. Maybe it was a triple-take. She’s usually in bed by 8. What was she doing there?

Then I saw Jan appear with some boxes in hand. My friends were grinning madly, and Jan said, “Happy birthday!” Sylvia, unable to contain the secret any longer, shouted, “Cupcakes! Cupcakes!”

With help from Gina (who communicated with the other knitters), Jan had planned a surprise birthday celebration for me. My birthday is still a little over a week away, so I had no idea this was coming. He woke up at 4 a.m. yesterday morning to bake (and clean up afterward, to hide the evidence), and I slept through it all—even the KitchenAid mixing!

We enjoyed the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate glaze and mascapone icing (Jan is a terrific baker, and everything he makes both looks and tastes great), had a little video chat via Skype with one knitting friend who’s in Belgium for a couple of months, and (once Sylvia headed home to bed after inhaling her cupcake) even did a little knitting. I had a great time!

I remembered to say “Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!” this morning!


Six years ago today


Happy anniversary to us.

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