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Sock it to me, matey!

I just came across these knitted pirate socks–far too late for last month’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, obviously. But if I get started on them soon, maybe I’ll have them ready for next year…

It’s a beautiful design, with the pirate motif going around the leg part and the rest of the sock being pretty straightforward–not too “busy” looking. And I love that they’re knit in eminently affordable KnitPicks sock yarn. Hip hip hooray! (Via Craft)


Avast! It’s nearly here!

Talk Like a Pirate Day is on September 19 this year (and every year, actually). Are you ready?

It’s one of my favorite holidays (should we start a letter-writing campaign to get Congress to declare it a national holiday? hmmm…). I wrote about pirate-speak and pirate-knitting last year. I still haven’t gotten around to trying my hand at the “We Might Be Pirates” hat, but I do spend a lot of time listening to pirate music.

Crafty Crafty has a nice list of pirate-related knitting projects. Those of you who are speedy with the needles might be able to crank out one or two before the big day. (Me, I’ll just start planning ahead for next year…)



Better than sliced bread

Yes, it’s that cool.

Jan and I are always on the lookout for “kids music that won’t drive parents and other adults insane.” I am horrified to admit that my house contains its share of Raffi CDs. Sylvia likes them all right, but she seems to prefer kids music along the lines of They Might Be Giants, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, and Burl Ives, all of whom have recorded “kids music that won’t drive parents and other adults insane–unless said parents and adults can’t stand alternative or folk music, of course.”

Several months ago, I heard of Captain Bogg and Salty, a band from Portland, Oregon, a kids-music band that sings pirate-themed songs. OH MY DOG (as our friend Gina likes to say). We celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in this house, so finding music along those lines has been a real treat. Sylvia got one of their CDs for Christmas (after her parents dropped several hints to Santa)–it matches the three different toy pirate ships she has–and we’re planning to get the rest for her collection soon.

They even have a music video, which you can check out here. Arrrrrr!