See my vest

p6084798up3.jpgNo, I’m not referring to the Simpsons parody. I finished the vest I started a few months ago! Actually, I had it almost complete not long after I cast on. But pre-seaming, it looked too halter-top-ish. A few days ago, I decided to continue to follow the pattern as written (rather than try to modify it to get larger straps), and I’m glad I did: after picking up stitches around the neckhole and armholes and knitting a few garter rows, a vest emerged! The buttons on the left shoulder are a nice touch; the outer left shoulder, above the armhole, is sewn shut, so undoing the buttons just makes the neck opening larger and doesn’t open up the whole left half of the sweater. This sweater is a gift for a baby who’s about to be born any down now (he was due two days ago!). It’s a snug fit on my two-year-old Sylvia, modeling it here, so I’m guessing the new baby might be able to wear it this winter, and definitely the next one.

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