My brain hurts

We just got home after a long weekend (we left Friday afternoon) visiting my parents in Illinois.

I checked e-mail twice while I was there–just popping in quickly to see if there were any fires to put out. (There weren’t. Whew!) So now I am tending to the unread and the deal-with-it-later e-mails I have.

I haven’t checked my Google Reader since last Thursday evening, though. I just opened it up on a separate tab (three cheers for tabbed browsing!) and as soon as I saw “All items (501)” my eyes sort of glazed over. Yes, that’s five hundred and one new posts. I’m a little scared to return to that tab to start the process of getting caught up on things.

How will I tackle this? To paraphrase Anne Lamott, I’ll just take it blog by blog.

3 Responses to “My brain hurts”

  1. Ariannaon 10 Oct 2007 at 9:42 am

    1. I loved your Anne Lamott reference. Made me laugh out loud.

    2. I’m sorry to have contributed to your brain-ache! I am at least a few of the 500 posts. And normally I don’t post in ages! That’s so odd.

    Good luck catching up! I HATE DOING THAT. But hey, at least it’s “easy” because you can mark things as read. Can you imagine wading through all the blogs you keep up with without a feed reader??

    …Then again, maybe you wouldn’t be reading so many if you didn’t have one. :) Ah, well. The mixed blessings of technology! You know you love it. :)

  2. Ariannaon 10 Oct 2007 at 9:44 am

    FOR ages. I meant for.

    Yeah, not like you needed yet ANOTHER thing to read. Sorry ’bout that. =\

  3. Marshaon 10 Oct 2007 at 10:58 pm

    If I had to manually visit each and every blog I read, my brain would do more than hurt–it would explode.

    Have you read Bird by Bird? It’s a terrific book. One of my favorite chapters (one I really relate to when it comes to my unfinished dissertation) is “Radio Station KFKD.” Heh.