Update on Andy

Thanks so much, everyone, for your kindness. It really means a lot to us.

News of Andy’s situation has been picked up by a variety of news outlets. Here are a few:

New York Times
Le Monde
Gulf News

A blog has been set up, but it looks like for now at least most updates are going through e-mail and forum channels.

He was temporarily released again last night (with orders to report back to the police this morning). Last night he spoke directly with his editor in New York (the person listed in the press release as the contact; he’s coordinating all communication and efforts among family, friends, and the documentary/journalism community), who sent out word to everyone about this communication and said Andy was doing all right.

An action alert was just issued a few moments ago. I’ve attached it below. Please take a look at it and take whatever action you can to help Andy. Thank you!


*************ACTION ALERT!**************

We would like everyone to contact their congressional representatives to raise political pressure on this issue.

Phone Script for Elected Officials:

* As a constituent and a concerned citizen, I wanted to bring your attention to the news that American journalist Andrew Berends has been arrested by the Nigerian government while working on a documentary.

* Nigeria enjoys the highest level of diplomatic relations with the United States, and for an American journalist to be detained without representation and subjected to coercive questioning is both highly inappropriate and illegal.

* We ask you to make known your awareness and concern about this matter, contact your colleagues, and work to ensure the good treatment and speedy release of Andrew Berends and his interpreter from Nigerian custody.

We would like everyone to call both their own local representatives and also the two Senators from New York State. When talking with New York reps, please add that Andrew is a New Yorker.

The contact information for NY senators Clinton and Schumer is:

* Senator Charles Schumer (D- NY) 202-224-6542
* Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D- NY) 202-224-4451

Your local representatives contacts may be found here.

Please forward this call to action to anyone you think could help by making a call to their representatives and the NY senators.

One Response to “Update on Andy”

  1. Kellion 03 Sep 2008 at 8:23 pm

    Holy moly! I read that article this morning. I am so sorry to hear it was your brother in law. Your family is in my prayers.