In search of a recipe

During my recent trip to NYC I had a cherry lime rickey for the first time. (“What’s this ‘cherry lime rickey’ thing on the menu? I have no idea what is, but its name is way too fun for me not┬áto try it!”)



I LOVED IT. (In fact, as carbonated beverages go, in my book it’s almost right up there with Moxie !) The ingredients are seltzer, cherry, and lime, so figuring out how to make this at home shouldn’t be difficult, right?

Well, it’s not quite that easy. Googling around has led me to tons of recipes that vary in lots of little ways. For example, some call for cherry syrup, others say to use cherry juice, and others recommend grenadine (which is weird, because technically that’s supposed to be pomegranate flavor). And don’t even get me started on the great debate between lime juice and lime syrup.

So before I go shopping for ingredients and start experimenting, I figured I’d see if anyone out there has a great recipe for a cherry lime rickey. (Bonus points if your version tastes exactly like the one at Veselka!) Anyone?

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