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Recycling, politics-style

If you showed your political colors via a pumpkin, your sign can go into a compost bin when it’s no longer needed. But if you opted for one of those lawn signs, composting is not an option.

You could, like a few homes I see in my area, continue to display your sign. At this point, though, that smacks of schadenfreude. I think it’s best to have your Schadenfreude Pie, then move on.*

You could just throw it in the trash. But if just thinking about that triggers your want-to-save-the-planet reflex, then try this instead: turn it into a birdhouse. Looks pretty easy to do!


*The creator of this pie, John Scalzi, has this to say about the pie he made last week: “One of the reasons I love this pie I have invented is that it is perfect for what it’s supposed to be, which is something rich and dark and bitter that you better not have too much of. Last night and this morning, each time I took a slice of it, I took ever-so-slightly more than I should have, and now both times it’s sat in my stomach, threatening reflux. It’s a moral lesson, really: Like this particular pie, too much gloating invites payback. It’s nice to have a physical lesson to go with the existential one.”


End-of-winter knitting tidbits

For the last days of this winter (or for next winter, if you’re planning ahead), try these knitted pants for little ones.

Just in time for Easter (for those of you who celebrate it)–and for anyone who thinks that baby chicks are too darn cute–use this pattern to knit a whole flock of ’em.

This random stripe generator gives you an idea of what a stripe pattern will look like before you start your knitting.

When I get plastic shopping bags from the grocery store, I return them on my next trip there so they can be recycled. Lately, though, I’ve been hoarding my bags and cutting them apart to make “yarn” from them. (My plan is to use them to knit–oh, irony!–some sort of market bag out of them.) I made up my own technique for slicing and connecting the bags, but this one is much better.

If you find your hands or arms cramping up while you knit, you might want to give these square knitting needles a try. I bet they’re also useful for people who are tired of chasing after runaway needles rolling off tables…

The Spring 2007 Knitty has a great article on creating your own handpainted yarn. There’s some KnitPicks Bare in my stash that’s just waiting for me to give it a splash of color…

I’ve used the long-tail cast-on only a couple of times (when a pattern specifically required it), and I’ve never really cottoned to it. After looking at this video from Knit Like a Man, I may give it another try.

Via Craft, these skull-patterned stockings may interest those of you who want to get a jump on your Halloween knitting.