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Would any of you actually wear sweaters with patches of needle-felted roving in random spots on it? I guess it would work, but the kits they sell are awfully pricey.



Free lunch: Bags

I love the look of this felted bucket bag.

The Kelly bag looks much more like a regular purse than most felted bags do.

The Giles bag is nonfelted and has a huge cable on the front and a cabled strap. One thing I always wonder about nonfelted knit bags is whether they stretch or sag when you put stuff in them. Anyone know? And if you put anything pointy in there (say, a pen), does it poke out?

I really like this market bag (which, unlike most so-called market bags, doesn’t have lots of holes all over it). But six skeins of Euroflax? Holy cow, that’s one expensive piece of knitting. I’d never spend this much on yarn for a bag, but if someone gave me the yarn I’d happily use it to knit up this spiffy project.

Here’s a market bag that looks more like what I’m accustomed to seeing in this category. It has lots of holes. (But they look small enough to constrain more groceries, I think.) It also has a beautiful handle.