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In hot water

Today’s tea, in my second-favorite mug. (This is my favorite of the ones I’ve made. But one that Sylvia painted for me when she was three will always have the top spot.)







I’m glad to see that science is backing up the need to continue teaching handwriting in schools. Happily, my daughter is learning it in school—our district hasn’t yet joined the ranks of those who are ditching handwriting from the curriculum (though I think she may not get more than the bare bones version of this instruction). I know that keyboarding skills are vital these days, but I’m sorry to see handwriting disappear from our schools and much of our daily lives. The two fulfill such different roles that one isn’t a substitute for the other.

I can type pretty quickly and accurately (except on a mobile device, when I become the World’s Worst Thumb Typist), and for my work I spend a lot of time hunched over a keyboard. But when I want to write something thoughtful and really connect with a far-off friend, I will almost always put pen to paper and write something by hand. The deliberateness of the action, the tangibility of the tools—I value their ability to make me pause and slow down.

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Who does this to their kids?


I have to admit, though, I have always kind of liked “Moxie Crime Fighter.”

(from Lapham’s Quarterly)


Can you do it?

It’s simple . . . and surprisingly difficult . . . all at the same time.


Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

I remembered to say that before anything else today! Did you?Happy April, everyone!

I love these posters. That’s one way to make history more interesting!

This one is my favorite:



Today’s imperative

MARCH FORTH, everyone!


The Northern Lights

One day, I will see (and hear!) the Northern Lights in person. For now, though, I’ll have to be content with this.

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